Red Lily by Tea From Vietnam

Dry leaf aroma: Cacao nibs, malt, and faint suggestions of spiciness.
Wet leaf aroma: Carob, pepper, and subtle vegetal undertones.
Preparation: 1 tsp in 10 ounces of water, brewed western style in a ceramic infuser mug.

First/only steeping: 3 minutes 30 seconds at 200 degrees.
While hot, Red Lily has a chocolate and malt aroma. The predominate flavors are cocoa with essences of malt, carob, pepper, and a subdued spiciness. As the cup cools, the spiciness comes forward and a suggestion of plum appears. The cocoa remains true throughout the cup and pairs wonderfully with the spiciness as the liquor changes temperature.

Because this is a rolled tea, I under-leafed my cup. Next time I will add more leaf to see if I can coax out different nuances.

Flavors: Carob, Cocoa, Malt, Pepper, Plums, Spice

Tea From Vietnam Has Arrived!

Oh happy mail day, my order from Tea From Vietnam has arrived! They were generous to include 5 extra samples for me to review. The teas I received (including my purchases) are:

Dragoncloud Green
Fish Hook Green
Four Seasons Oolong
GABA Oolong
Golden Lily (Jin Xuan) Milk Oolong
Green Mist Mountain
Gui Fei Oolong
Red Lily Black
Ta Oolong

Eco-Cha Gift Set

Today I received a beautiful Eco-Cha gift set that I purchased over the Black Friday weekend. It is quite lovely and contains:

* Alishan High Mountain Black Tea (50 grams).
* Aged Gongfu Teapot (Made with local clay, in Yingge, Taiwan, in 1989)
* Re-usable wooden box

I’m looking foward to seasoning the pot and trying the High Mountain Black Tea!

You can purchase this gift set directly from Eco-Cha.

Lichee Congou by Silk Road Teas

Dry leaf aroma: Lychee, dusky grape, slight floral undertone.
Wet leaf aroma: Slightly musty with suggestions of lychee.
Preparation: 2 tsp in 16 ounces of water, brewed western style in a ceramic infuser mug.

First/only steeping: 3 minutes at 212 degrees.
The hot infusion smells wonderfully of lychee with a delicate undertone of grapes and roses. White hot, the liquor has a dominate essence of lychee and a suggestion of sugary rose. As the cup cools, notes of hibiscus mingle with the lychee and the floral undertone is less pronounced. This tea lingers pleasantly on the palate and I think it would be wonderfull chilled.

Flavors: Lychee, Grapes, Rose