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Pythia Ritual Jasmine Tea by The Witches Moon

April 24, 2019
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Dry leaf aroma:  Jasmine with a faint hint of anise.
Wet leaf aroma: Floral and slightly sweet.
Preparation: Brewed entire package western style in a 12oz ceramic infuser mug.

First steeping: 3 minutes at 165 degrees.
Pythia is lovely yet simple with a delicate green tea base and a predominate essence of jasmine. Freshly brewed, this tea has a strong jasmine aroma, but as the liquor cools there is a subtle undertone of citrus. The flavor profile is much the same as the aroma – while hot, jasmine is the main note, but as the tea cools a mild lemony tang comes to the forefront.

Second steeping: 3 minutes 30 seconds at 170 degrees.
The second steeping of Pythia maintains the lemony tang with a slight jasmine and grassy green aftertaste.

Notes: This tea would hold up to at least three infusions, however I stopped at two. It is a shame that the sample of Pythia Ritual Jasmine Tea was not larger. I am not sure where this loose leaf was sourced from but I would gladly purchase more.

Flavors: Jasmine, Lemon, Green Tea

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Calla Lily Art Series by Blodeuyn

April 23, 2019
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Original artwork by Blodeuyn, circa 2005.

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The Witches Roots April 2019 – The Granted Wish

April 18, 2019
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Artwork: Blue Cornflower Herbal Grimoire Page
Crystal: Honey Calcite
Herb: Blue Cornflower
Incense: Lavender Sky
Mini Spell Candle: Wish Upon
Ritual Body Oil: The Fae
Other Items: Celtic Butterfly Pendant with Chain, Faerie Incense Cone Holder

My Thoughts
April’s box is my favorite Witches Roots offering to date. While this is only the fourth box in the subscription series, every item included in The Granted Wish feels like a granted wish.

The Blue Cornflower Herbal Grimoire Page contains detailed metaphysical knowledge for the featured herb. These beautiful and enlightening pages are a welcomed addition to my Book of Shadows.

Tumbled honey calcite is the crystal for April and I mistakenly took it for golden rutilated quartz at first glance. Though the piece is small, it emanates a luminous energy and is fascinating to examine in sunlight.

One aspect of The Witches Roots box that I’ve come to love is the inclusion of a large bag of the monthly herb. The cornflower for this month is a vivid sunset bluish-purple.

Lavender Sky is an intriguing name for the cone incense. Unfortunately the information sheet does not list any ingredients.

Wish Upon, the mini spell candle, is a delightful golden yellow and is adorned with cornflower petals and glitter. The contrast between the golden beeswax and bluish-purple cornflower is striking.

The oil for April, The Fae, has been blended with fractionated coconut oil. Containing almond, jasmine, and chamomile, along with Truth Serum magickal oil from the Witches Moon’s personal cabinet of witchery, this amalgam has a luscious aroma with predominate notes of almond. Blue cornflower, jasmine, and lavender herbs, with an added Lemurian quartz, float bewitchingly in the oil.

Rounding out The Granted Wish are my two favorite items – a Celtic butterfly pendant with chain and a faerie incense cone holder.

I am still delighted with this enchanting offering from The Witches Roots. Here’s hoping that the value of these boxes lasts!

The Witches Roots is a monthly subscription containing high-quality items centered around natural herbal witchcraft. The current US price is $29 a month, including shipping.

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by The Witches Roots. All opinions are my own.

The Witches Roots

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The Witches Bounty April 2019 – Path of Transcendence

April 17, 2019
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Artwork: Prehnite Goddess Book of Shadows Page
Crystal: Fluorite
Incense: Alleviation
Magickal Anointing Oil: Transcend
Mini Spell Candle: Silent Sound
Pendant: Rough Prehnite with Emerald Inlay
Other Items: Pendant Cord

My Thoughts
Path of Transcendence, the April 2019 Witches Bounty, has come to me at the most opportune time. I am on my own path to healing and transcendence after almost two years of battling a rare blood disorder and a highly aggressive cancer. I typically do not like to insert such personal information into a review but I feel it is quite relevant in this situation. Sometimes the Universe does give back to us.

Prehnite Goddess, the featured Book of Shadows page, is peacefully beautiful and includes information about the mineral.

April’s anointing oil is Transcend. This refreshing concoction contains lavender, ylang ylang, and cardamom, with the addition of Caduceus’ magickal oil from the Witches Moon’s personal cabinet of witchery. After anointing myself I feel clearheaded, but I am unsure if I appreciate the lavender undertones.

I’ve come to cherish the mini spell candles. Silent Sound is a captivating prehnite green and has been rolled in eucalyptus with glitter added. I could do without the glitter but it is pretty nevertheless.

And now for my regularly scheduled incense rant. While I do like the fragrance of Alleviation, it is still too strong for me and I will not burn it.

A fluorite octahedron is the crystal for April and I appreciate receiving something a bit out of the ordinary shape-wise. My piece is predominately clear with a band of lavender running through the center, but changes from crystal clear, to purple, to banded depending on the viewing angle. I’ve stated previously that I adore fluorite so this new crystal is a welcomed addition to my collection.

Have I ever mentioned that green is my favorite color, especially pastel shades? Path of Transcendence’s pendant is rough prehnite with an emerald inlay. There is no better combination to satisfy my “greenness”. This pendant is an excellent example of rough prehnite with subtle botryoidal nodules. The sterling silver setting is imprinted with a botanical design and has a small emerald inlaid on the bail.

The Witches Bounty really stepped it up by offering a unique prehnite pendant for April. After the letdown of the past two boxes I feel this subscription is again worth its asking price.

The Witches Bounty is a monthly subscription containing high-quality metaphysical jewelry. The current US price is $78 a month, including shipping.

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by The Witches Bounty. All opinions are my own.

The Witches Bounty

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The Witches Moon April 2019 – Spirit Wisdom

April 13, 2019
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Artwork: Lovers Moon – May Esbat & Full Moon Correspondences and Fluorite Book of Shadows Pages
Crystal: Double Terminated Rainbow Fluorite and Selenite Desert Rose
Herbs: 7 Barks and Ginger
Incense: Rose Rope
Magickal Anointing Oil: Bliss
Personalized Oracle Reading: Prosperity card from Magical Times: Empowerment Cards
Sacred Salt: Beltane Celebration
Spell Candle: Wise Guidance
Other Items: Mystical Wisdom Oracle Cards with Pouch, Pythia Ritual Jasmine Tea with Muslin Bag, Parchment Paper

My Thoughts
April’s Witches Moon, Spirit Wisdom, contains a fresh mix of witchy goodness. The past few boxes have contained two Book of Shadows pages and this month is no exception with the Lovers Moon – May Esbat & Full Moon Correspondences and Fluorite artwork. Each piece is detailed with metaphysical information in addition to the lovely imagery.

My personalized oracle reading for April is the Prosperity card. It is interesting that I have received multiple readings centered around this theme.

Included in the Spirit Wisdom box are four items I simply adore: the Mystical Wisdom oracle deck, Pythia ritual jasmine tea, a double terminated rainbow fluorite and a selenite desert rose. The Witches Moon really hit the mark this month!

The Mystical Wisdom oracle deck contains 46 cards and is illustrated by Josephine Wall. I must confess I was nervous we would receive a deck I already owned, so hwrê for this inclusion! Double hwrê because Josephine Wall is one of my favorite artists.

Tea is my blood type. Mostly. Ok, my blood type is A negative, but I do consume an epic amount of loose leaf. Tea in The Witches Moon? Yes, please! The Pythia ritual blend contains a green tea base with jasmine petals. This union is the essence of spring and has an intoxicating aroma of jasmine with a faint hint of anise. Side notes: I recommend brewing with water heated to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. You can steep this tea more than once per serving so save the leaves and enjoy a second infusion.

Fluorite is almost always present on my altar. I love it. Love it. The double terminated rainbow fluorite I received this month is stunning, and yes, I love it. The gradation of colors from emerald green, teal, and muddy purple to lavender, brown, and crystal clear is mesmerizing.

While I am not typically a fan of desert rose, the specimen in my box really resonates with me. I see the shape of a bird’s head in the crystal and it just feels right.

Rounding out the Spirit Wisdom box, and wonderful in their own rights, are the candles, herbs, oil, salt, and incense.

The Wise Guidance spell candles are a bit different this month which is a pleasant change. Instead of a single beeswax candle we received two rolled tapers, with the monthly spell placed in the box on top of the artwork. I’d like to see more of these dual candles in the coming months or perhaps a cluster of tealights.

7 Barks, also known as hydrangea, and ginger are the featured herbs. While 7 barks is new to me, I have received quite a bit of ginger lately. Thankfully it is a good herb to stock due to its medicinal and spiritual properties.

Bliss is an apt name for April’s magickal anointing oil. Containing cedarwood, bergamot, ylang ylang, and lavender oils with St. John’s wort, passion flower, ginger, and echinacea inclusions, this oil is calming and inspiring. Fittingly, this oil is also infused with Comfort magickal oil from The Witches Moon’s personal cabinet of witchery. Blissful indeed!

Earthy and floral, Beltane Celebration sacred salt contains jasmine and rose oils, as well as hawthorn, marigold and rosemary fragments. I feel inclined to use this salt as an offering, along with the bits of twine I have been collecting from the Moon boxes.

I am not a fan of incense but I am intrigued by the ritual rose rope incense. The twisted fibers are tipped with a vibrant rose red color and have a heady floral scent.

Spring is a season of renewal and I certainly feel a renewing energy within the items created for the April box. Change can be good and it is most welcomed with the deviation in the standard elements for the Spirit Wisdom box.

The Witches Moon is a monthly subscription containing high-quality spiritual items crafted around the seasons. The current US price is $54 a month, including shipping.

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by The Witches Moon. All opinions are my own.

The Witches Moon April 2019 – Spirit Wisdom

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