Moon by Blodeuyn

Original artwork by Blodeuyn.

The Witches Bounty May 2019 – The Faeries Nest

Artwork: Rose Quartz Faerie Book of Shadows Page
Crystal: Cherry Quartz
Incense: Floral Essence
Magickal Anointing Oil: Divine Blossom
Mini Spell Candle: The Faeries Flame
Pendant: Rose Quartz
Other Items: Pendant Cord

My Thoughts
The Witches Bounty May 2019, The Faeries Nest, is a transcendent bouquet for the senses – a medley of floral aromas, polished gemstones, and dreamy colors. The Book of Shadows page, Rose Quartz Faerie, visualizes this theme perfectly with shades of ethereal pastels.

May’s incense, Floral Essence, has a strong aroma of roses and other flora with an undertone of a fragrance I cannot quite place, but do not like.

Similar in scent to the incense, the mini spell candle is gemmy pink and unadorned.

Divine Blossom magickal anointing oil is blended with gardenia, jasmine, lily, orchid, and violet essences, with the addition of Inner Power magickal oil from the Witches Moon’s personal cabinet of witchery. Floating in the bottle are lovely bits of calendula, jasmine, lavender, and rose, along with a Lemurian quartz. Divine Blossom has a strong, yet pleasant, floral balminess.

My favorite item this month is the cherry quartz crystal, a type of quartz with lithium, muscovite or lepidolite inclusions. My specimen appears to contain muscovite due to the silvery sparkle it emits. This stone is absolutely gorgeous!

The Faeries Nest pendant features a milky rose quartz stone encompassed by a nest of sterling silver branches with a matching bail. The detail of the bright silver setting is exquisite, though I will likely allow it to develop a patina over time.

One change I would like to see going forward is the addition of the date on the information pages and artwork for all three variations of the Witches Moon boxes.

Next month’s themes have not been released as of this posting but I am really looking forward to the June box to celebrate my birthday!

The Witches Bounty is a monthly subscription containing high-quality metaphysical jewelry. The current US price is $78 a month, including shipping.

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by The Witches Bounty. All opinions are my own.

The Witches Bounty

The Witches Moon May 2019 – The Adorned Goddess

Artwork: Aphrodite Book of Shadows Page
Crystal: None
Herbs: Jasmine Buds, Raspberry Leaf, Rose Petals
Incense: Attraction
Magickal Anointing Oil: Aphrodite
Personalized Oracle Reading: Flow card from the Oracle of the Unicorns
Sacred Salt: Litha
Spell Candle: The Amare
Other Items: Empowerment & Manifestation Necklace, Mother of Pearl Shell Box, Passion Enhancement Sigil, Ritual Book of Shadows Paper

My Thoughts
May’s Witches Moon, The Adorned Goddess, has blessed us with an abundance of offerings. The featured deity is Aphrodite and her Book of Shadows Page contains all the pertinent information (pay particular attention to the necklace she is wearing). It is worth noting that a different paper stock was used for the May information pages.

My personalized oracle reading is the Flow card. “Find an easier path forward” is the first line on the card, which cuts close to the bone because I am currently stuck in a mire of complications. The card’s artwork is stunning, with mesmerizing shades of green.

A Passion Enhancement Sigil has also been included in the May box.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways using the Empowerment & Manifestation necklace (mala), which is knotted with amethyst, rose quartz, and freshwater pearls. Though I personally do not use malas as intended, it is a beautiful necklace and I am grateful to receive it.

The Adorned Goddess’s pièce de résistance is a mother of pearl shell box. I was stunned when I saw this gorgeous creation – magical is the only way to describe it! The sides and bottom of the box incorporate thin shavings of beautiful abalone and the interior has a velvety lining.

There is no crystal for May 2019.

For the second month in a row we received two rolled tapers instead of a single beeswax candle, with the spell placed in the box on top of the artwork. The Amare spell candles are a delicate shade of pink and have been dressed with jasmine, patchouli, and rose oils, with the addition of Divine Connection and Passion magickal oils from the Witches Moon’s personal cabinet of witchery, and then rolled in jasmine and rose petals.

Jasmine buds, raspberry leaf, and rose petals are the featured herbs and patchouli-scented Attraction is May’s incense.

Aphrodite, the magickal anointing oil, contains jasmine, rose, patchouli, and sweet marjoram oils, with a Lemurian quartz, blood root, hibiscus, jasmine, and rose petal inclusions. Come To Me magickal oil from the Witches Moon’s personal cabinet of witchery is also blended into this floral concoction.

Litha sacred salt has been infused with bergamot, orange, and rose oils. Also included in this delightful blend is Midsummer magickal oil from the Witches Moon’s personal cabinet of witchery, along with hawthorn, hyssop, lavender, and St. John’s wort herbal snippings.

The Adorned Goddess is yet another amazing box from The Witches Moon. Their consistency in providing quality, useful items is unsurpassed!

The Witches Moon is a monthly subscription containing high-quality spiritual items crafted around the seasons. The current US price is $54 a month, including shipping.

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by The Witches Moon. All opinions are my own.

The Witches Moon May 2019 – The Adorned Goddess

The Witches Roots May 2019 – Wisdom of Athena

Artwork: Olive Herbal Grimoire Page
Crystal: Lapis
Herb: Olive Leaf
Incense: Five-Pointed Star
Mini Spell Candle: Victory
Ritual Body Oil: Athena
Other Items: Athena’s Wisdom Altar Plaque, Spirit Owl Pewter Pendant

My Thoughts
Wisdom of Athena, The Witches Roots box for May 2019, really strikes a chord with me. Olives and olive products are a favorite for many reasons, so I am pleased May’s compilation includes this fruit. Perhaps it is no coincidence that I love olive because I am also in tune with Mercury, garnet, iolite, moss agate, and owls.

Adoration of olive aside, I am absolutely enamored with the Olive Herbal Grimoire Page. The relevant colors manifested for this artwork are stunning – shades of blue, green, and purple on an earthy background.

Lapis is featured this month and my stone has opulent bands of gold ringing the entirety, with a wispy central band of creamy white. To my eye the pattern is reminiscent of Jupiter’s banding.

The included pouch of olive leaf is a generous size, as with all herbs in The Witches Roots. There is a nice variation in size and breakage, with a few whole pieces amongst the leaves. Side note: Olive leaf tea is delicious, though not everyone enjoys the nuances. A quick Google search will return a myriad of tea recipes.

Scented with apple, Five-Pointed Star (not pictured) might be the first stick incense I am tempted to burn. It has an alluring aroma – simple, clean, and not overpowering. Funny enough, it somewhat reminds me of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls from the 1980’s.

Matching the Lapis stone perfectly, the mini spell candle, Victory, is vibrant blue and unadorned. I enjoy receiving plain spell candles on occasion and I appreciate these high-quality creations, regardless of embellishment.

Athena is the oil for May and has been infused with almond, basil, and green tea oils. Bay leaves, olive leaves, a Lemurian quartz, and Victory magickal oil from the Witches Moon’s personal cabinet of witchery have also been included. Athena’s aroma profile is herbal and slightly sweet with a subtle earthy undertone.

A Spirit Owl pewter pendant is the adornment for The Witches Roots May 2019. The necklace is well-made, includes an adjustable cord, and has an inscription on the back that reads “Spirit is close. Trust guidance and visions”. Owl is my spirit animal so receiving this pendant is very meaningful for me.

The final item in the box is the Athena’s Wisdom altar plaque. This unique piece of altar art showcases Athena on one side, with an owl on the reverse side. I will have a hard time deciding which to display!

The Witches Roots is a monthly subscription containing high-quality items centered around natural herbal witchcraft. The current US price is $29 a month, including shipping.

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by The Witches Roots. All opinions are my own.

The Witches Roots