Fossils, Metal Specimens, and Rocks – June 2019

Enchanted Crystal Variety Box – September 2018

My September 2018 Enchanted Crystal Variety Box contains:
1. Mini Crystals/Minerals: Jade, Red Adventurine, Tibetan Quartz
2. Agatised Carnelian Seashell Fossil (very rare)
3. Amethyst Cluster
4. Black Kyanite
5. Maharashtra Apophyllite (rare)
6. Missouri Galena (rare)
7. Quebec Fairy Stone (very rare)
8. Rainbow Fluorite Wand
9. Trona Halite (rare) – not pictured
10. Crystal Cloth Grid – not pictured

My Thoughts
This was my first experience with a crystal subscription box and I am delighted with the variety of stones, all of which were carefully packaged and clearly labeled. My only complaint about the September box is that the Trona Halite did not survive, which is my fault for being careless. Each Enchanted Crystal box contains a cloth grid and this month the cloth is approximately 8×8 inches square (I put mine through the wash so I do not have it pictured as of yet).

While I like the specimens I received, I don’t think they hold the value of the box at $58 per month. It is worth noting that Enchanted Crystal just changed the Crystal Variety box from 6-8 specimens at $58 a month to 4-6 specimens at $42 a month, with free shipping. I recommend this box at $42 but have cancelled my subscription for now.

Enchanted Crystal