I’m Still Not Dead, Just Busy

It’s been a bit since I last posted – I am not dead, just busy! Between doctor’s appointments, house renovations, and easing into a new post-cancer reality, time slips away from me far too easily. The decision to cancel all of my subscription boxes late last summer has also greatly impacted how much content I have been adding – a post regarding that decision is coming soon.

Another major change keeping me occupied is an opportunity that manifested in October for me to go back to work as a freelance web developer (I seem to have a penchant for disappearing in the month of October). After almost two and a half years of battling cancer and idiopathic eosinophilia, it feels like the universe has finally spit me out of a nightmarish wormhole and I am back where I started before I fell ill. Well, almost where I started – cancer does leave quite the mark on one’s soul. Unfortunately my eosinophilia is unresolved and I struggle with pain every day, but I am fully in my head once more and delighted to be pouring a newfound raw energy into several amazing projects!

Regarding said amazing projects, now that the cosmic dust has settled I am delving into candle making and the creation of a series of handcrafted mystical journals. I plan to offer these items for sale later this year, either on Etsy or one of my websites. These artistic endeavours are a significant undertaking for me – the first step on a new path – and I am intensely focused on providing unique items I feel will enhance anyone’s practice, spirituality, and/or daily life, regardless of religion, or lack thereof.

Rounding out this update, I have decided to subscribe again to a couple of witchy boxes: Sacred Space Crate and The Witches Moon. While I have received The Witches Moon previously, Sacred Space Crate is a new experience and I look forward to reviewing the box and posting my thoughts.

I will share updates as my enchanted path unfolds – I invite you along for the journey!

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