Sacred Space Crate February 2020 – Aphrodite

Apothecary Items: Aphrodite’s Kiss Lip Gloss, Rose Water
Candles: Pink Self-Love Candle, Red Aphrodite Offering Candle
Crystal: Rose Quartz
Herb: Rosebuds
Incense: Strawberry
Tea: Love Spell
Other Items: February 2020 Moon in the Astrology Calendar, Aphrodite Artwork and Invocation, Aphrodite Statue, Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace, 3 Seashells, Teaspoon Wand

My Thoughts
February’s Aphrodite Sacred Space Crate was my first experience with this relatively new monthly subscription box. I’ve been watching YouTube reviews and really like what has been included in past boxes, especially the apothecary items. Sadly, February’s box did not live up to my expectations in regards to quality. I had planned on doing a full review of each item, but will instead give a synopsis of my experience because I’ve cancelled the subscription.

Let me start with the items I liked: the Aphrodite statue, calendar, candles, rose quartz necklace, seashells, tea, and teaspoon. Tea and candles are always appreciated, and I adore the statue, though it does have a strange odor, somewhat like spray paint (I have a freakishly sensitive sense of smell so I don’t hold that against them).

If you’ve read my other reviews you will know I dislike most incense. This month’s strawberry incense has a pleasant aroma (unlit) but it makes my eyes water. I don’t hold that against them either, as I know it is a “me” problem.

The final three items for February were disappointing: the jar of rosebuds, lip gloss, and rose water. My jar of dried rosebuds contains crushed petals and tiny bits. I was expecting to receive intact, whole rosebuds, as others had received. As for the lip gloss, it looks enticing, but has a plastic roller ball instead of metal, and it doesn’t work. I can likely replace it with one from my personal inventory, but that’s rather a hassle when you have neuropathy. The mixture is lovely though and the flow of blended elements is mesmerizing when I tilt the bottle back and forth! Finally, the rose water. I am not quite sure how to describe my dissatisfaction, but it centers mostly on the aroma, which is a bit off. Perhaps it is just an odd batch, but I don’t care for it.

While this subscription is still rather new to the market and they might be working out some kinks (perhaps I was the last box added for February), receiving items I perceive to be of lesser quality is disheartening. To be fair, I fully realize I am a harsh critic. I’ve worked in the advertising industry and I am currently a web developer, so it is literally my job to notice the small details such as colors, packaging, presentation, typography, variations, etc. – details matter!

Per the included paperwork, Sacred Space Crate will be focusing on goddesses for the remainder of 2020. While I do not worship any of the goddesses, I don’t mind receiving a box pertaining to them now and then. Simply put, I have no interest in a monthly goddess box, that is not my path, and this influenced my decision to cancel.

I will note that the box was packaged very nicely, had detailed paperwork explaining each item, and arrived quickly. Aside from my issues with the quality of a few items, Sacred Space Crate feels like a good value overall. I will keep my eye on this subscription to see how it evolves past this year.

Sacred Space Crate is a monthly subscription containing “handcrafted and Spell crafted items for all your Sacred Spaces”. The current US price is $54 a month, including shipping.

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by Sacred Space Crate. All opinions are my own.

Sacred Space Crate

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