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The Witches Bounty September 2018 – The Gentle Light

September 20, 2018
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Artwork: Sumatran Blue Amber Goddess Book of Shadows Page
Crystal: Petrified Wood Slice
Magickal Anointing Oil: Patience
Mini Spell Candle: Warmth
Pendant: Sumatra Amber
Other Items: Meditation Resin with Charcoal Disk (disk not pictured), Pendant Cord

My Thoughts
The September 2018 Witches Bounty, The Gentle Light, is the first box of my new subscription. Each monthly box includes a pendant, crystal, and anointing oil, with other items added occasionally. Based on YouTube reviews it seems a mini spell candle has become standard and a soft neck cord always accompanies the pendant. September’s bundle includes a stunning Art Nouveau print – the Sumatran Blue Amber Goddess Book of Shadows page – as well as a meditation resin with charcoal disk.

The anointing oil has delicious notes of fall spices with a subtle sweetness and is nicely grounded by a comforting woodsy undertone. This ambrosial blend contains cedarwood, cinnamon, clove, and a special mixture of Earth magickal oil from the Witches Moon’s personal cabinet of witchery. Paring nicely with the anointing oil, the serene pink mini spell candle is dressed with a clove bud, elderflower, and marigold. A meditation resin with charcoal disk rounds out this aromatic trifecta with a glass cornucopia of fragrant resins perfect for celebrating autumn.

Petrified wood is one of my favorite organic stones and the slice I received is no exception. The edges of my specimen have nicely preserved bark details and the core is a lovely rustic cream color with a faint ring pattern. Keeping with the organic theme of The Gentle Light, the centerpiece of the September box is a Sumatra amber pendant. This glowing teardrop jewel is set with a sterling silver bail and is the embodiment of warmth and autumnal light – a perfect echo of Earth’s past.

I am truly amazed at this month’s collection. Each item is gorgeous and I feel nourished to my very soul during this time of changing seasons and reflection. I look forward to receiving and reviewing the October Witches Bounty!

The Witches Bounty is a monthly subscription containing high-quality metaphysical jewelry. The current US price is $78 a month, including shipping.

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by The Witches Bounty. All opinions are my own.

The Witches Bounty

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Enchanted Crystal Variety Box – September 2018

September 8, 2018
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My September 2018 Enchanted Crystal Variety Box contains:
1. Mini Crystals/Minerals: Jade, Red Adventurine, Tibetan Quartz
2. Agatised Carnelian Seashell Fossil (very rare)
3. Amethyst Cluster
4. Black Kyanite
5. Maharashtra Apophyllite (rare)
6. Missouri Galena (rare)
7. Quebec Fairy Stone (very rare)
8. Rainbow Fluorite Wand
9. Trona Halite (rare) – not pictured
10. Crystal Cloth Grid – not pictured

My Thoughts
This was my first experience with a crystal subscription box and I am delighted with the variety of stones, all of which were carefully packaged and clearly labeled. My only complaint about the September box is that the Trona Halite did not survive, which is my fault for being careless. Each Enchanted Crystal box contains a cloth grid and this month the cloth is approximately 8×8 inches square (I put mine through the wash so I do not have it pictured as of yet).

While I like the specimens I received, I don’t think they hold the value of the box at $58 per month. It is worth noting that Enchanted Crystal just changed the Crystal Variety box from 6-8 specimens at $58 a month to 4-6 specimens at $42 a month, with free shipping. I recommend this box at $42 but have cancelled my subscription for now.

Enchanted Crystal

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The Witches Moon September 2018 – Celestial Wisdom

September 5, 2018
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Artwork: The Zodiac & Celestial Sky Chart and Mabon Book of Shadows Pages
Crystal: Smokey Quartz
Herbs: The Astral Dance Sacred Smoke Blend, Compass Weed, and Herba John
Incense: Seeker of Knowledge
Magickal Anointing Oil: Starry Wisdom
Personalized Oracle Reading: Receive with Love and Appreciation card from Whispers of Love Oracle Deck
Sacred Salt: Luna Goddess
Spell Candle: The Elder Guides
Other Items: Zodiac Enhancement Sigil, Astrological Oracle Cards with Pouch, Shooting Star Specimen, Parchment Paper

My Thoughts
The Witches Moon for September 2018, Celestial Wisdom, is quite impressive. This month’s box contains two stunning pieces of art: The Zodiac & Celestial Sky Chart and the Mabon Book of Shadows page. Mabon is by far my favorite time of year so I am quite happy to have this page to add to my grimoire. The zodiac enhancement sigil is a stunning but simplistic black and white print that can be colored or adorned if desired and has a blank space in the center to add your own star sign or other relevant mark. As usual, the personalized oracle reading resonates with me. I truly have a hard time accepting anything from others, be it gifts, compliments, or other acts of kindness.

I was ecstatic to receive the Astrological oracle cards this month because I recently saw a review on YouTube for the Barbieri zodiac oracle and wanted to get an oracle for myself. It is almost as if The Witches Moon knows. These cards have silver gilding on the edges and feature Art Nouveau designs. There are 22 cards in the set and a guide book is included.

Another stellar (pun intended) item in the box is the Shooting Star specimen, which is a Campo del Cielo Iron Meteorite. Per The Witches Moon: “This Shooting Star fell from the sky 4,700 years ago, about 1,000 km northwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This meteorite is now a protected specimen and can only be harvested with special permission from the government”. You can read more about the meteorites here. I did not own any meteorite specimens so this is an especially nice inclusion.

The candle, herbs, oil, parchment paper, and sacred salt are all amazing in their own rights. I truly appreciate that these items are included in each monthly box as it helps me build up my witchy stash. The magickal anointing oil is especially delightful – it is reminiscent of a mystical snow globe with crystal, foil, glitter, and herb inclusions.

Finally, I feel I must address two disappointments for me this month – the Seeker of Knowledge incense and the smokey quartz. Being a severe asthmatic I freely admit I am not a fan of stick incense, but this month’s selection has an especially off-putting aroma. The scent is overpoweringly soapy and my husband seems to be allergic to it. Moving on to the smokey quartz, I feel bad saying this, but I do not like my crystal this month. Maybe I am being picky, but it just does not resonate with me. Perhaps the universe is trying to tell me something and I should reflect on my impression.

Subscriptions for The Witches Moon are currently closed, but may open again on September 19th or 20th, 2018. I highly recommend this box if you can catch it when subscriptions are available again!

The Witches Moon is a monthly subscription containing high-quality spiritual items crafted around the seasons. The current US price is $54 a month, including shipping.

Disclosure: I am not sponsored by The Witches Moon. All opinions are my own.

The Witches Moon September 2018 – Celestial Wisdom

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